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About Benjeemen Heng

Armed with a pure passion for design and a discerning eye for detail, Benjeemen Heng founded his eponymously named design consultancy in 2003.

He believes firmly in consistently delivering design and service to the highest standard. Under his guidance, the firm has grown into a well-respected boutique consultancy that is equally skilled in designing both residential and commercial spaces.

Benjeemen is committed to developing beautiful and sophisticated spaces for clients in a way that visibly improves their lifestyle and well-being. From his years of experience, he is convinced that feng shui, the ancient Chinese art of enhancing harmony within an environment, should play a distinct part in creating every aspect in a living or working space.

Having studied under famed feng shui Masters, Benjeemen makes it a point to consider feng shui characteristics in every project. From defining individual space to identifying the homeowner’s unique personal chart, careful attention is given when selecting colours, furniture and fittings to bring out the best in all spatial features. All this is done with a modern and discreet touch, especially for those who eschew obvious feng shui displays.


my designing of homes and other spaces with feng shui has definitely improved the quality of life for many of my clients, in many different ways. 

With Benjeemen’s feng shui expertise, excellent space planning skills, quality deliverables and a proven track record of completing projects on time, customers can rest assured that their home is in good hands.

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